Trending With Tricia 2.23.17

Tom Brady has set the value of his stolen Super Bowl game jersey at $500,000. But at least he still has a sense of humor about losing it. Yesterday, he posted a picture of a police-style "Suspect Board". Here are some of the people he has his eye on: Lady Gaga, Gollum from "Lord of the Rings", Swiper the Fox from "Dora the Explorer", The Crab People from "South Park" The O'Doyle family from "Billy Madison", The shark from "Jaws" and even his own teammate Julian Edelman!

Neil Patrick Harris is no Christian Grey, but he does have a secret room in his house. He told Jimmy Fallon about it last night!

Kate Upton has been banned from sexy time!! Who on earth would do that!? She was on "Watch What Happens Live" and Andy Cohen asked her if there are any rules in her relationship with Major League Baseball pitcher Justin Verlander from the Detroit Tigers

Emma Stone is done with Ryan Gosling. She’s movin on to Kermit the Frog. YouTube’s Funny or Die replaced Ryan with Kermit in the Oscar nominated film "La La Land." We think Kermit pairs off great with Emma Stone!

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