Trending With Tricia 2.17.17

Kate Upton is celebrating her third cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And soon, she’ll celebrate at a wedding with MLB pitcher Justin Verlander. However, Kate gave her fiancé an ultimatum: No children. Kate confessed to a friend, “We’ve talked about kids. I come from a big family. But at the moment, Justin and I argue about who’s looking after the dogs!” If they’re not prepared to pick up puppy poop, they’re certainly not ready to change dirty diapers. By the way, Kate is back in a big way, with THREE different covers for this year's "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue. Although some people have pointed out that she's not wearing an actual swimsuit on any of them. Enjoy some behind the scenes're welcome!

Nicole Kidman dropped some details on her first kiss in the new issue of "W" magazine. She said, "This is crazy. So I'm watching 'The Shining', can you believe it? And we're playing hooky from school. And I have my first kiss watching 'The Shining', is that not weird? And, we did a few other things than just kiss too. Don't ask." Nicole didn't say how old she was, but if this happened when "The Shining" was in theaters, that would have been 1980, and she would have been around 13. She's 49 now.

Thanks to "Vanity Fair," Michael Bolton worked as a barista for the day and sings out the names of unsuspecting customers. Yeah, it was really for no reason at all. Enjoy! 

Facebook keeps finding new ways to become relevant. The social media company is now getting into the job-posting business. Facebook is now allowing employers in the U.S. and Canada to post unlimited job openings on their pages. Applicants can then apply for those jobs through the page. The applications will populate some of the information used when signing up for Facebook, although it can be edited. This is pretty bad news for LinkedIn and other sites who make their money from recruiters. Facebook links the companies directly to the job candidates, which saves everyone time and money.

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