Trending With Tricia 2.15.17

Cee Lo Green celebrated Valentine's Day by releasing a song about wanting Beyonce, even though she's taken. It's called "Jay Z's Girl", and it's set to the tune of "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield. The lyrics include the lines: "Jay Z is the king. And I'm probably his biggest fan. But there's a feeling inside that I'm sure he'd understand. I'm in love with Bey, and I wanna be her man." It's actually credited to Cee Lo's new alter ego, Gnarly Davidson.  
WARNING!! After the video, there's an uncensored promo for Gnarly's previous single, "[Eff] Me I'm Famous".

For Valentine's Day, Burger King restaurants in Israel featured an 'adults meal' (based on their kid's meal) but with an "adult toy" included instead. The commercial for the promotion showed "toys" like a blindfold and a massager. Hilarious or inappropriate?

Apple Music is launching a new reality show that's like "Shark Tank", only instead of people pitching business ideas to rich investors  they're pitching mobile apps. It's called "Planet of the Apps" and it'll actually feature three big-name celebrities:  Will.I.Am, Jessica Alba, and Gwyneth Paltrow, plus an entrepreneur named Gary Vaynerchuk. Contestants have just one minute to pitch their app, and they do it while riding down a 60-second escalator. It's sort of like watching a reverse version of the mountain climber game on "The Price Is Right". Or maybe Donald Trump's infamous ride down the escalator before announcing his run for President two years ago.  And frankly, if that would never have happened, he'd probably be an advisor on this show. In any event, this isn't a joke, but it won't actually be on TV. It'll be exclusively available through Apple Music beginning sometime this spring. An Apple exec even describes it as an app about making apps.

Ed Sheeran told Ellen DeGeneres that he doesn't use a cell phone anymore, just an iPad. He gave up his cell phone as his New Year's resolution. Could you do that??

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