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Talk about an epic meet and greet with Celine Dion! During a pre-concert meet-and-greet at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Celine was posing for a picture with a couple when he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the meet-and-greet! Nick Janevski proposed to Austin McMillian and even Celine had no idea it was about to happen, but she was completely taken by the sweetness of it all. Austin said, "I was shocked and couldn't get any words out so Celine backed up into the curtain behind us and said, 'Are you going to say yes?'" LOOK AT THE INSTAGRAM PICS

While the cast of "This is Us" was filming an episode last night, they saw through a window that a man in a nearby house was watching last night's episode. So, star Milo Ventimiglia knocked on the door!

Jamie Lynn Spears could face child endangerment charges after her 8 year old daughter Maddie crashed an ATV and nearly drown. Big sister Britney Spears has reportedly canceled rehearsals and is in Louisiana to support Jamie Lynn. The good news is that Maddie Spears is making a recovery but the bad news is Jamie Lynn and her husband could face child endangerment charges. An assistant to the District Attorney said,  “We would definitely review the case and determine if there’s enough evidence to prosecute.” Hypothetically, Maddie might be taken away if authorities believe she’s being raised in an unsafe environment.

Two weeks after she angrily denied reports that she was adopting two more children from Africa, Madonna was in a courtroom -- to finalize plans to adopt a set of 4 year-old twins. She appeared before a judge in Malawi this week for a ruling granting her permission to add the children to her already large family. A government spokesperson said in late January that she'd applied for the adoption, but she denied it, saying, "The rumors of an adoption process are untrue. I am in Malawi to check on the children's hospital in Blantyre and my other work with Raising Malawi, and then heading home." Madonna previously adopted two kids from the African country -- David Banda and Mercy James, both of whom are 11 years old. She also has biological children Lourdes, 19, and Rocco, 16.

Kelly Ripa has gone without a co-host for nearly a year since Michael Strahan bolted on her. That may change soon. The New York Post reports Tamron Hall has been encouraged to apply for the position. The news anchor got displaced when NBC hired Megyn Kelly. Her departure from Fox News launched a game of talk show musical chairs. But since April of last year the chair next to Kelly Ripa has been vacant. She’d like to have some stability on set. 

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