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Someone stole Tom Brady's Super Bowl winning jersey! There is some locker room video that has been circulating of the Patriots quarterback after Sunday's big win. He can be heard telling Patriots owner Robert Kraft, "Someone stole my game jersey," to which Kraft replies, "You better look online." Texas authorities are now involved in the search.

Mariah Carey is asked about the scene in her new "I Don't" video where she burns what's thought to be the same $250,000Valentino wedding gown she was to wear to wed ex-fiancee James Packer. She didn't deny it on "Entertainment Tonight"

Justin Bieber is the prime example of how you can make your dreams come true by just posting videos on YouTube. And a Canadian pianist named Tony Ann may have gotten his big break the same way. The Chainsmokers saw a video of him doing a cover of their song "Paris", and now they're taking him on their North American tour this spring. They reposted the video on Instagram yesterday, and said, "Yo how talented is this guy. The video was so good we decided to bring him on our tour this spring! Just shows you never know what's gonna happen!" SEE THAT HERE!

UPDATE: Did Lady Gaga actually JUMP?? Well, yes and no. Gaga started the Super Bowl halftime show by singing verses from "God Bless America" and "This Land Is Your Land" surrounded by drones on the roof of Houston's NRG Stadium. And then it LOOKED like she JUMPED down from hundreds of feet in the air suspended by only a few cables.  But there was some Hollywood magic involved. As it turns out, the part where she's on the roof was pre-taped and during the intro, she was actually suspended, in the dark, about halfway between the roof and the stage, which is still really high up.  Then, after she was shown jumping, a spotlight picked her up where she was suspended, and followed her down. Someone involved in the production says they HAD to do it that way because there were too many logistical issues, like weather, to do the entire jump live. The person also said, "We felt this would be best to be filmed. She WAS on the roof when this was filmed, and from a logistics and creative perspective, it's a bit hard for her to go from the roof all the way down to the floor of the stadium." DID YOU MISS IT?? CLICK HERE!! Here is CELL PHONE video of her "jump" from within the stadium!

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