Easy Way to Burn Calories! Maybe...

We found a list online of random ways to burn between 100 and 400 calories without going to the gym.  It's a reminder that you can burn a lot of calories just by being more active, and not sitting around watching Netflix.


All the numbers are based on what the average woman would burn.  So if you're a guy, you'd actually burn more, I guess.


1.  You can burn 100 calories by playing with your dog for 30 minutes . . . singing karaoke for 45 minutes . . . or cooking dinner for an hour. Score!!


2.  You can burn 200 calories by dancing for 30 minutes . . . going for a light bike ride for 45 minutes . . . or washing and cleaning out your car for an hour. Meeh...


3.  You can burn 300 calories by gardening for an hour . . . throwing a Frisbee around for 90 minutes . . . or going shopping for two hours. Did someone say "retail therapy?" or is it "retail cardio?"


4.  You can burn 400 calories by helping a friend move for 45 minutes . . . doing yard work for 90 minutes, like raking up leaves and mowing the lawn . . . or by spending two hours bowling.  If you drink beer the whole time, you'll counteract that though. Bowling?? Really?

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