My First Blog

There's something about a blog that's just more "official".  A tweet flies off into space (unless someone takes a screenshot of it).  And who knows who looks at anything you post on Facebook?  

If you have a blog, doesn't it mean you're an expert at something?  Like being a mom or cooking or Star Wars?  I'm not sure I'm an expert on anything except having fun on the radio.  And I'm happy to be doing that with you 5-10am on Movin' 107-7.  

Tricia and I are building a new show that one day we'll be proud of...or we'll get fired in the process.  Our hope is you pop in when you can and have a laugh.  We don't mind being laughed at!

Let us know what you need more of in your morning show and we'll add it to the menu.

Much love,


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