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MOViN 107.7 and The Danny Show's Acts of Kindness is spotlighting the Tidewater Friends of Foster Care for the month of December

Tidewater Friends of Foster Care

Mission: Tidewater Friends of Foster Care (TFFC) is committed to enriching the lives of foster children in our community, because we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to thrive! Due to the inherent instability in family environment, foster children often miss out on key elements of a healthy and happy childhood, such as consistent family routines, enrollment in a single school system, and participation in enriching activities. Consequently, these children struggle emotionally and academically, with outcomes that reflecting this strife. Through its philanthropy, TFFC strives to ensure that children in the foster care system have access to resources that afford them the opportunity to thrive.

  • In Hampton Roads there approximately 900 children in foster care and less than 300 open foster homes. 1/3 of the children are ages 5 years and younger. The next largest population by age is 16-18 year-olds (21%). 53% are boys and 47% are girls. 58% are Black, 31% are White, 8% are mixed race and 3% other.
  • 3/4 of these children are in care as a result of neglect (50%) and parent drug abuse (26%). As you might imagine, poverty is a big driver of the stressors that put children into foster care. For example, in the city of Norfolk, 31% of children live in poverty, which leads to a relatively large foster care population per capita. As local economic pressures increase, the foster care population increases with high correlation. Norfolk has seen an increase in the number of children in care of over 50% in the last year and a half!
  • It takes on average at least 3 months to license a foster home (most take 4-6months), so it is easy to see how the current number of homes can become dramatically overwhelmed by the number of children coming into care.

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