For the month of February, MOVIN 107.7 and The Danny Show need your help performing acts of kindness by donating 1077 Pounds of Dog Food/Dog Treats to Dogs Deserve Better

Drop off locations: 

iHeartRadio office: 1003 Norfolk Square, Norfolk, VA 23502  

Who is it for?

•Dogs Deserve Better is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained or penned dog and bringing our best friend into the home and family.

•Dogs Deserve Better is a voice for chained and penned, abused and neglected dogs. We rescue dogs of all breeds, all ages, all medical issues, and provide the love, medical care, socialization and training they need to be happy, healthy and loving companions.

Mission Statement

•The mission of Dogs Deserve Better, Inc., is to provide a better life for abused, neglected and abandoned canines; especially those which are chained or penned without human companionship. We strive to accomplish this through advocating for humane legislation; promoting spay and neuter; educating communities on animal welfare; and rescuing and rehabilitating distressed canines.

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Item For Collection

•Dog Food/Dog Treats 

Dogs Deserve Better